JFH: Justice For Hire - Graphic Screenplay: The Complete JFH Story Arc

PWYW (PAY WHAT YOU WANT)! Note from Jan Lucanus: This graphic novel and screenplay has cost us countless hours of work and over $100K in development and production costs. It represents a massive artistic and business undertaking that has played a massive role in my life, the lives of all of my collaborators, and the foundation of Creative Impulse. Please pay whatever you feel this art form is worth.

JFH has been called “Fast & Furious” (with martial arts instead of cars) meets “The Warriors”. For those that didn't know, the definitive MMA action comic series was adapted from an original screenplay. Now, experience the FULL STORY ARC of JFH: Justice for Hire. This first-of-its-kind Graphic Screenplay contains a redux version of JFH issues 1-4, and transitions into the cinematic screenplay that would be issues 5-12. Finally, the beautiful chaos of the Retribution Industry collides with the spirit of the martial arts to bring you action like you've never seen before. Includes new artwork from JFH lead artist Antonio J. Rojo.

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