MBT (Motivated by Truth) - Jan Lucanus - Deluxe Single

PWYW (PAY WHAT YOU WANT)! Everyone worked for free to make this song (even the top notch music recording studio in NYC), so please pay whatever you feel the art form is worth to you. The creators split all proceeds.

MBT Deluxe Version Includes:

- The mastered release version of the song produced by Sage Michael Music & Davide Berardi.

- The instrumental of the mastered release version.

- 2 acappella tracks of Jan Lucanus' vocals.

- 2 original demo versions of MBT produced by Sage Michael.

- The original demo instrumental by Sage Michael.

A New Age Hip Hop sound that fuses rap, rock, and soul for a sonic concoction that feels like Linkin Park meets Michael Jackson. MBT is the first single from Creative Impulse transmedia artist Jan Lucanus.

1 WAV, 2 AIF and 4 MP3
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