JFH: Justice For Hire - Retribution Task Force - Short Film & Bonus Material

PWYW (PAY WHAT YOU WANT)! It cost us over $23,000 dollars to make this film (and that's with cast & crew working for free), so please pay whatever you feel the art form is worth to you.

***Official Selection - 2014 HBO / Cinemax Urban Action Showcase***
***Official Selection - 2014 Comic Con Superhero Kung Fu Extravaganza***
***Official Selection - 2014 Bent Con***

Based on the most downloaded mixed martial arts comic book series, "JFH: Justice For Hire ®", this Kickstarter-funded short film takes the heroes of "JFH" to Papua New Guinea on a mission to help a native save his sister from a notorious Raskol Gang. Inspired by the real events in Port Moresby, PNG, currently considered the world's bloodiest city. Starring John Machado (David Mamet's Redbelt), Ahmed Best (Star Wars), Mercer Boffey (Rake), Sean Brosnan (Generation Kill), pro fighter Maximillion Chen, and more with stunt coordination by Mike Mukatis (300: Rise of an Empire). Directed by Jan Lucanus and Aurore Barry.

Bonus Material: JFH RTF poster, an article from Papua New Guinea's Stella Magazine on JFH, press images from Comic Con, Split Screen Bonus Material and more.

3 MOV, 3 JPG and 1 PDF
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