JFH: Justice For Hire - The Motion Comic Animation - Pilot Episode

PWYW (PAY WHAT YOU WANT)! Everyone worked for free to make this cool animation, so please pay whatever you feel the art form is worth to you.

***Official Selection - 2014 Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival***
***Winner - 2014 Award of Merit [Accolade Competition] - Animation***
***Winner - 2013 Silver TELLY Award - Animation*** (Highest Honors)
***Winner - 2013 Silver DAVEY Award - Animation***

The Retribution Industry is born. You pay cash, they kick ass. In this pilot episode, 2nd-generation martial-arts-mega-duo Ebony & Ivory embark on their first live broadcast mission with their team at Justice-For-Hire, Inc..

Adapted from the critically-acclaimed, "ultra-realistic" mixed martial arts comic book series. Starring Ahmed Best (Star Wars, Robot Chicken), Mercer Boffey (NCIS, House of Lies), creator Jan Lucanus, MTV's Sinsu Co and many more. Based on original artwork from Antonio Rojo. Lead animation by Zach Shelton, sound design and score by Davide Berardi. Theme song by Sage Michael Music. Directed by Jan Lucanus.

1 MOV and 1 JPG
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